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Quality Program

Metalica’s Quality Program is based upon our customers’s expectations and satisfaction.

During manufacturing, quality controls are established to meet the technical specifications and regulations of the AWS, which ensures durability and reliability for welding and assembly procedures.

The use of technology through management information systems as well as structural design software and automated production machinery are used for planning and monitoring each phase of the project.

We offer skilled labor thanks to our staff expertise, who are kept in constant training to update their knowledge and working methods to ensure efficiency.

Occupational Health & Safety Program

Metalica is committed to employee health & safety. We comply with legal requirements and standards for the prevention of occupational hazards, as well as those requirements requested by our customers and stakeholders.

Metalica is dedicated to minimizing hazardous conditions associated with the work environment by identifying, evaluating and controlling occupational hazards; safety practices help us achieve continuous operational improvement.

Safety is a responsibility of all Ingeniería Metalica employees, for this, our safety program sets goals and objectives which are frequently monitored.

Environmental Program
Conscient of the effects our activities have on the environment Metalica is committed not only to legal requirements but also implementing internal control systems that prevent environmental contamination.

We have made a commitment to nature, implementing strategies that contribute to good environmental practices, both at project sites and in the workshop, by relocating and reusing steel, as well as building materials, if circumstances require.





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