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Recursos HumanosHuman Resources
Metalica has an experienced staff with the necessary expertise for developing Complex Structures on Bridges, Buildings, Industrial Buildings, among others, based on the implementation of technology and innovation in their production processes.

The company’s staff and professional managers are graduates of prestigious national and international business schools.

Recursos FinancierosFinancial Resources
The financial management of the company is backed by the accreditation of the principal domestic financial institutions; the company’s accounts are audited annually by recognized institutions with which we have investment projects and financing.

Recursos Tecnológicos Technological Resources
Thanks to the implementation of new technologies, the company has remained at the forefront in developing new technological approaches that provide improvements in production processes and building products, with the main objective to ensure the quality of your project.

Recursos MaterialesMaterial Resouces
Thanks to its capacity and availability, the company can develop projects that require complex manufacturing processes.





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