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Metal Forms

We have high tech equipment which ensures superior accuracy in the cutting and bending of beams, columns and braces, for the construction of high strength frame structures that are lightweight and easy to transport and assemble, thereby reducing manufacturing costs without sacrificing quality.

Uniones fijas de estructuras

Fixed Link Structures

Uniones entre perfiles

Joints Between Profiles

Uniones entre los elementos estructurales

Connections Between Structural Elements

Uniones desmontables de estructuras

Detachable Joints Structures

Perfiles cerrados

Closed Profiles

Perfiles abiertos

Open Profiles

Formas y perfiles

Forms and Profiles

Formas en perfiles estructurales

Forms and Structural Profiles

Estructuras de entramada o tirantes

Lattice or braced structures

Estructuras de armazon

Frame Structures

Estructuras Aligeradas

Lightweight Structures

Estructura de armazones

Truss structure

Estructura de armazon con tirantes

Frame Structure with Braces

Elementos estructurales abiertos y cerrados

Open and Closed Structural Elements

Doblaje de materiales en acero para estructura de armazon

Bending of steel material for truss structure






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Reinforced Structures

Formas Metalica