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Metalica, founded in 1984, is the leading company in the construction and installation of steel structures and civil works in the Dominican Republic. Within its range of products are: Boilers, Storage Tanks, Various Infrastructures, Industrial sheds, Water Works and Buildings. Our business approach is based on maximizing the value of services for our customers through quality products and competitive prices. Metalica has contributed to national development through participation in significant works contributing to national growth. The company has the capacity to develop major projects under high standards of quality and efficiency from beginning to end.

We are dedicated to the calculation, design, construction, supervision and installation of metal structures and civil works under the highest standards of quality that ensure customer satisfaction, application of technology in our operations and services, striving every day for the welfare of our people and the preservation of the environment.

To be the leading company in our field of steel structures and civil works in the Dominican Republic, with the best quality and customer satisfaction through the diversification of our products and services, while moving towards a global market opening.


  • Offering our services with loyalty, honesty and ethics.
  • Commitment to our customers.
  • Continuous improvement in all our procedures, recognizing change as an opportunity.
  • Teamwork and motivation of individuals to reach their highest potential.
  • Maintain a safe and healthy work environment with a just compensation for our employees.





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